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Radiant fruity floral Acqua Fiorentina

April 15th, 2014

After months of bitter cold and barren trees, we welcome the return of blue skies and gentle breezes.

Our selection to herald this seasonal transition is the fresh, vibrant Acqua Fiorentina, whose light fruity and floral bouquet evokes the sweet scent of blooming lush orchards in the heart of Italy. This beloved fragrance, deftly blending Diamond Jubilee Apple with Renaissance rose, Calabrian lemon, plum, and white carnation, was reintroduced by master perfumer Olivier Creed in 2012.
The beautiful union between floral and fruitful notes creates an uplifting scent that delights the senses and appeals to both classically feminine and modern sensibilities alike.


Top Notes:
Lightly sweet greengage plum: acclaimed by experts to be the finest of dessert plums, these rich, flavorful orbs impart a subtle honeyed juiciness
Diamond Jubilee Apples: honoring sixty years of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, their sumptuous fragrance is light and elegant

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Jacqueline Laurita

Talking Family and Fragrance With Jacqueline Laurita

March 26th, 2014

Although you may have first met her as a Real Housewife of New Jersey, Jacqueline Laurita is so much more than just another reality TV star. This loving wife and supermom has leveraged her fame for a good cause, and is now a prominent advocate for autism awareness. We had a chance to sit down with the Housewife with a heart of gold and find out what motivates her.


Creed: How do you decide what Creed scent to wear?

Jacqueline Laurita: When choosing a new Creed fragrance, I’ll test it first to see if I like the base note of the scent. I also test it to see if I like how it reacts to my own body chemistry after I’ve been wearing it for a while. I always make sure my husband likes the scent on me, too. I want him to love the way I smell.
My husband Chris will only wear one scent since he discovered it: Aventus by Creed. It’s my favorite scent on him, too. Aventus has even replaced his previous signature scent. People are always asking what he is wearing. I love how his scent lingers after he’s gone to work.


Creed: Do you choose different scents for different times of year?

Jacqueline: I used to choose different scents for different seasons. During the holidays, I’d wear a slightly stronger fragrance with a hint of vanilla. Something that almost smelled edible, like baking. In the summer, I would always go for a lighter fragrance with fruity or floral notes. That changed when I discovered Love in White by Creed. I feel like I can wear it all throughout the year.

Creed: As you know, Creed men have a long history of following their father’s footsteps—are you following in the footsteps of anyone in your family?

Jacqueline: I’m extremely close to my family, but I have always followed my own path. My family has always been very supportive of whatever I do. And in terms of fragrance, my Dad was an Old Spice guy. I am much more feminine than that!


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Lara Eurdolian, Founder of Beauty Blog Pretty Connected

Scents and Sensibility With Beauty Insider Lara Eurdolian

February 26th, 2014

As the founder of Pretty Connected, Lara Eurdolian is the authority on all things pretty. Her fun, informative coverage of makeup, skincare, and fashion makes the site a must-read. In a recent chat, she shared which perfume earns a spot in her cosmetic kit.


Creed: What inspires you?

Lara Eurdolian: Experts. I’m fascinated by people who are passionate about a subject, whether it’s makeup artistry, cooking, organizing, styling, interior design, or technology. It’s very inspiring to be around people who love what they are doing and are enthusiastic enough to want to share it with me.


Creed: As you know, Creed men have a long history of following their father’s footsteps—are you following in the footsteps of anyone in your family?

Lara: The fashion influence is definitely there: My mother was always very stylish, my grandmother was a seamstress, and my grandfather designed shoes for Stride Rite, Rockport, and Clarks of England. Career-wise, however, I took a different path.

Creed: Where do you apply your Creed—at home, on the go?

Lara: In my bedroom, but I always have a small sample in my cosmetic case in case of fragrance emergency.


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Tune In: Talking With Ian Keaggy

February 5th, 2014

Named Sprint’s new artist of the year at the 2011 American Music Awards, Hot Chelle Rae’s sound is polished and modern, with an energetic vibe that’s hard to resist. We had a chance to speak with the pop rock band’s former bassist and backing vocalist Ian Keaggy, who was happy to share what inspires him as a musician—and his signature Creed scent.


Creed: How did you first discover Creed?

Ian Keaggy: I first discovered Creed at Nordstrom in my hometown of Nashville. I was drawn to the sophisticated display, and when I approached, the clerk working the counter gave me a full history of the company. I was really impressed, both with his knowledge and with the complexity of each scents’ origin.


Creed: That’s a great introduction. Did any scents stand out to you?

Ian Keaggy: I took home two samples: Aventus and Millesime Imperial. As I’ve learned in the past, colognes take differently to everyone, so I wanted to live with the scents for a couple of days. I applied Aventus to myself, thanked the gentleman, and walked out the door. By the time I made it outside and could perceive the contrast between the fresh summer air and the Creed cologne settling into my skin, I literally said, “oh my gosh, I smell amazing.” Every person I came into contact with agreed! I was hooked.

Creed: We’re always looking for new sources of inspiration for our fragrances. What inspires you when you’re coming up with a new song?

Ian: I have the luxury and blessing of traveling for a living. I get to see, visit, and explore places all around the world. Different cultures inspire me, getting to meet new people inspires me, and new music does as well. The outdoors is vast and exhilarating, but working in the darkness of a studio can be equally fulfilling. There’s an infinite supply of inspiration available to us in this world. We just have to tap in.


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Universal Fragrances

Universally Appealing: Fragrances For Men and Women

January 22nd, 2014

While perfume is often divided between feminine and masculine categories, there is a third scent family that is equally charming on either gender: universal fragrances. Whether you’re looking to update your fragrance library or choosing a scent for a special occasion, the House of Creed’s artisanal approach to perfumery provides men and women with a number of versatile options.


To guide you in your selection, we recommend considering your own perfume personality. Choose a universal fragrance that has similar qualities to your signature scent. We’ve highlighted a variety of intriguing and vibrant scents for your enjoyment.

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The Style and Beauty Doctor

Danielle Gray: The Style and Beauty Doctor Is In

January 8th, 2014

Fashion and beauty writer Danielle Gray always loved sharing her stylish finds, so she launched The Style and Beauty Doctor to help women discover the right clothes, makeup, and accessories for any occasion. We’re excited to hear what informs her style!


Creed: As you know, Creed men have a long history of following their father’s footsteps– are you following in the footsteps of anyone in your family?

Danielle Gray: I like to think I’m a perfect mix of both my mom and dad. My mom is very glamorous, and always had great hair and makeup along with super cute A-line dresses. My dad served in the army and always had a very clean, military look about him—he even irons his undergarments. So I get the glam hair and makeup from my mom, but steal my dad’s military-esque looks for my own wardrobe.


Creed: What attracts you to a specific Creed scent?

Danielle Gray: As a sucker for packaging, the design of a perfume bottle typically draws me in first. Scent-wise I love woody orientals, so I zero in on that category and choose the one fragrance that says, “Danielle is in the room!”


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Creed Love in White

Anatomy of a Creed Icon: Love in White

December 5th, 2013

A worldly mix of exotic blossoms, Love in White was created by master perfumer Olivier Creed to embody his sailing adventures around the world. The first Creed scent to debut in the U.S., this fresh floral evokes America’s most influential women and has been worn by two First Ladies of the United States.
Love in White is a dazzling triumph of the art of perfumery, blending rare ingredients hand-selected from five continents.
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Tabarome Millesime_changing with the seasons

What Fragrances to Wear this Fall

November 13th, 2013

Fall signals the return of clear blue skies, delicious breezes, and vibrant, glowing foliage. As the days grow cooler, consider transitioning to a new fragrance family. In summer, light, fresh scents pair perfectly with hot, hazy days. But crisp weather calls for weightier, woodsy notes that you’ll want to cozy up to all season long. These enticing fragrances will keep you warm on chilly autumn nights — think of them as a cashmere wrap for your sense of smell.


Tabarome Millesime: This earthy, masculine fragrance balances a base of sandalwood, patchouli, ambergris, and tobacco with fresh citrus notes.
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Julia DiNardo from Fashion Pulse Daily

Fashion Expert Julia DiNardo Talks Fragrance

October 25th, 2013

As the editor of online style authority Fashion Pulse Daily, Julia DiNardo always knows the coolest clothes and the hottest trends. We sat down with the renowned blogger and designer to discover what draws her unerring nose for quality to Creed.


Creed: How do you decide what Creed scent to wear?

Julia DiNardo: With fragrances, it really depends on my mood and time of year, and of course, how it wears on me. With Creed, I know you I’ll always discover topnotch ingredients in the bottle. Finding the perfect scent is very much an individual, personal decision, and one that is quite intuitive.


Creed: Do you choose different scents for different times of year?

JDN: Definitely. I prefer more citrusy, lighter scents or splashes in the summer, giving way to heavier fragrances—with a tinge of unisex—come fall and winter. This time of year is perfect for reintroducing notes like tuberose and bergamot.


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CREED Paris Boutique Interior

What Makes a Creed Fragrance Exceptional?

May 17th, 2013

Founded in 1760 and based in Paris, The House of Creed is the world’s oldest privately owned fragrance dynasty.  Guided by master perfumer Olivier Creed, and his son Erwin, The House of Creed has gained incredible popularity over the years, namely due to its exclusivity and depth of offering.

As a client of Creed, you likely know that all Creed products are made by hand by Mr. Creed himself and a modest staff of just thirty-five people in the perfumer’s French countryside facility. Mr. Creed travels the world to personally purchase ingredients for his creations, trekking forests in Mysore for the best sandalwood, flying to Bulgaria for the richest essence of rose, sailing the Mediterranean coast for White jasmine from the Italian coast, Daffodils from the French Riviera, orange zest from Southern Spain…just to name a few of his worldly destinations. Read More