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Kelly Cobb _Flower Market NYC

Floral Inspiration for Mother’s Day

May 6th, 2015

In celebration of Mother’s Day this May, The House of Creed unveils the latest installment of its Artist in Residence Collective with emerging floral designer and founder of East Village-based 2h Flowers Kelly Cobb. Her richly whimsical floral interpretations are currently live @CreedBoutique for an Instagram takeover from May 5 thru May 7 and will showcase the brand’s most beloved women’s scents alongside easy-to-follow floral tutorials that will bring to life both the scents and a modern approach to floral gifting. Follow along the journey on Instagram @CreedBoutique!
We met with Kelly for an early morning stroll at the colorful flower market in New York City.

The concept behind 2h is so special – renewing the art of floral deliveries. How do you get inspired each day to create beautiful arrangements for clients?

Most often inspiration comes from the flowers themselves. Getting to begin each morning at the flower market is an incredible way to start the day. We usually do have a set list of specific orders, but for the clients that receive flowers weekly or like to have us come up with something custom, I like to just be open to what I see and what looks most amazing and then I go from there. It’s a bit of a luxury to let the process happen organically. Of course, social media provides amazing inspiration, too. I have so many talented contemporaries and it’s fun to see how everyone puts their own personal spin on their design and how they manage to highlight the same flowers in different ways.


Can you share your very first or most favorite fragrance-related scent memory?

Yes! I remember it very vividly. My mother was never a perfume wearer, but my father always wore a sort of barely there, spicy masculine fragrance – whether it was an after-shave, a perfumed hair wash, or a spritz of cologne. I remember this one particular scent he wore while we were vacationing. I was 12 and in this instance it was a fancy hair wash and I loved the scent so much. I would secretly pour a tiny bit to use as shower gel and I just remember the scent feeling so luxurious. I’ve always worn rather masculine or unisex fragrances and I have to think that moment set me up for it.


You have access to some of the most incredible flowers. What are some of your favorite to use?

Oh gosh. This is always the hardest question. Like when asked to choose a favorite season, it’s easy to say all of them because when they’re fleeting, you appreciate each one while you have it and then just when you feel like you’ve had enough, there’s something fresh to get excited about. But ok, top 5 varieties. Ranunculus for the most incredible shades and seemingly endless rows of petals. Tulips for their graceful shape. I’ve really just gotten into roses – there are so many amazing varieties to explore and more are being brought to the market each year. Also, the lifespan of a rose is so neat to watch because the characteristics change day to day and the flower you see after 7 days is so different than the one you started with. Helleborus to me feels like springtime. The colors are often muted and their natural movement is so lovely. Finally, I would say scabiosa. My favorite is the light lavender variety that has the most tissue-like petals. So dainty.


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Erwin Creed Headshot

Erwin Creed – The Connoisseur

February 4th, 2015

The House of Creed Seventh Generation Perfumer Erwin Creed will attend his first Canadian Public Appearance at Holt Renfrew Vancouver on Friday, February 6th, 2015.
With a lifetime of perfumery experience at the most sought-after luxury fragrance house in the world, Erwin Creed will be in-store meeting with devoted clients helping them discover The House of Creed. Each bottle purchased that day will be hand-signed by Erwin, become a fragrance aficionado’s collector item.
When: Friday, February 6th from 12 PM to 2 PM
Where: Holt Renfrew, Pacific Centre, 737 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver

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Creed Himalaya Board

High and Mighty

January 16th, 2015

The power of man and nature—Himalaya was created by Olivier Creed, sixth-generation master perfumer, to commemorate his daring climb in the beautiful but treacherous Himalayan Mountains, a 1,500-mile stretch of ice, snow and pure glacial waters dividing China and Nepal. This crisp, bracing scent of citrus mixes with warmer notes of sandalwood and cedar to recreate the snowcapped Tibetan landscape Mr. Creed experienced.
Presented in a metallic bottle—a co-design with Erwin Creed, Olivier’s son and seventh-generation Creed perfumer—this fragrance is the embodiment of pure confidence and rugged masculinity, resembling a climber’s canteen or the silvery look of alpine ice. Devotees sport this scent from the office to the outdoors (wherever a sense of fearlessness is needed).
Feeling inspired by Himalaya? Explore Creed’s Pinterest board on Himalaya.

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Anthony - Colombia 3

An inspirational journey with Anthony Berklich from Inspired Citizen

November 20th, 2014

The quest of inspiration through Fragrance, Art, Travels and Nature with Anthony Berklich, Host and Founder of – a men’s fashion and travel platform which inspires its audience to live life to the fullest.


We love the idea behind Inspired Citizen. Can you tell us what inspires you throughout your daily journeys?

I travel three weeks out of every month for Inspired Citizen. Because my travels and schedule are so hectic, it’s often difficult to stop and truly experience a destination. So, I focus on the time I do have in every country or city – making a ritual every morning to take-in the moment. Inspiration isn’t always found in grandiose experiences but in the small nuances. A cup of tea, a walk through a beautiful hotel, or even lighting a well fragranced candle.


The Spark a Fire section is very thought provoking. What has ‘sparked your fire’ recently?

Spark a Fire was created as a sort of recycling bin of interesting images, ideas, products and more to excite our readers. I’m always stumbling on things that get me thinking differently – and I love that. Right now, I am sparked by nature. I often find myself in urban capitals when I travel but, recently, I’ve been “taken” by the beauty found in the world’s most remote places. The glacial region of Bariloche in Argentina is incredible and has given me a new appreciation for mother nature.


Let’s talk fragrance: What is your very first or most favorite scent memory?

The smell of green grasses, moss and soil in the forest behind my childhood home in Michigan. I remember it vividly as I was always a born explorer. I would sit next to a small river and take-in the smell of the forest after a rain.


How does scent play a role in your personal style—do you have a signature “scent” or do have a “wardrobe” of fragrances?

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Pure femininity

October 30th, 2014

Like taking an evening stroll through a lush and balmy garden, Fleurs de Gardenia is a gathering of floral scents around its ethereal centerpiece, the creamy white gardenia. Pink pepper-spiced peonies mingle with vines of blackcurrant and jasmine, while spindly stalks of green galbanum grow in between—all under a breezy grove of Virginia cedar trees.
The effect is soft and dream-like—a flower crown, a crisp cocktail, Paris at dawn, and the airiness of a silk organza skirt. The very definition of lovely and light.
Feeling inspired by Fleurs de Gardenia? Take a peek at our latest feature: Creed’s Pinterest page with dedicated board reflecting the mood and feeling of each fragrance, starting with Fleurs de Gardenia.
Discover our Pinterest board >

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Olivier Creed in Fontainebleau

An insider’s look at the creation of Acqua Originale with Master Perfumer Olivier Creed

October 9th, 2014

From the French countryside of Fontainebleau just outside of Paris, where the Creed factory resides, Sixth Generation Perfumer at the House of Creed Oliver Creed shares the story behind the new Aqua Originale collection. An inspiring take on a life’s journey around the world with the fine art of perfumery as the narrative.


What is the overall inspiration for this new collection?

The scarcity of natural essences and creating truly original infusions.


Does each fragrance in the Acqua Originale relate to a trip you’ve taken or specific memory of a destination?

Absolutely. Asian Green Tea was born from my time in Malaysia. Cedre Blanc is based on the Virginian mountain landscape. Aberdeen Lavander was inspired by the Highlands in Scotland. The Island of Java is the backdrop for Vetiver Geranium and the hybrid of Tuscany and India are at the heart of Iris Tubereuse.


Explain the meaning behind the collection name Acqua Originale.

The collection captures some of the most exquisite natural essences that actually makes for very simple, original compositions.


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Taj Mahal

Indian Summer

September 17th, 2014

Longing for an Indian summer this September?
Our Original Santal is a fragrance full of calming warmth—the perfect antidote to summer’s slow fade into fall.
Crafted with fiery cinnamon and softened by Tonka bean and vanilla, this universal blend’s centerpiece is the royal sandalwood tree of India (for which the scent takes its inspiration).
One spritz and the juice feels as spiritual and sublime as a glowing sunset over the Taj Majal. The effect is the same: absolutely enchanting.

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Virgin Island Water

The Life Aquatic

September 5th, 2014

If you could bottle the scent of summer, what would it be?
For sixth generation master perfumer Olivier Creed and his son, Erwin, it’s the tropical scents carried in on Caribbean trade winds, captured in Creed’s Virgin Island Water.
Inspired by a sailing adventure through the Sir Francis Drake Channel near Ginger Island—an uninhabited jewel at the center of the British Virgin Islands’ necklace of cays—the citrusy blend is at once fresh and full of warmth. One spritz and the juice takes you to a sun-basked scene: a sailboat deck with the cool mist of turquoise waters below.
Using essence of copra—the tender, white heart of a coconut—with a twist of Antilles-harvested limes, the blend gets its signature getaway feel thanks to a healthy spike of white rum. Bergamot, mandarin, ginger and jasmine add crisp texture to this universal fragrance, a bestseller since its introduction that continues to be coveted by sun-worshipers year round.

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Meet the Artist in Residence: VERYMARTA

August 5th, 2014

The House of Creed’s just launched its first ever Instagram partnership this week with buzzed-about illustrator Marta Spendowska aka VERYMARTA. A series of imaginative watercolor illustrations bringing to like the new Aqua Originale collection to be be posted daily on Instagram @CreedBoutique.
We met with Marta @MartaSpendowska to discuss her love for fragrances and what inspires her.


Why watercolor? You work with the medium almost exclusively.

Watercolor is unexpected and capricious. It is impatient and visually grabs the eye like no other medium. I, too, am impatient—I love suspense and imperfection. I’ve played with acrylics and oils, but the moment I see them just sitting on the canvas I get bored. I need a reaction on paper that I get via watercolor.


How is painting a portrait different from taking a photograph?

I like to interpret a photograph, to show some imperfection, to fade what is less important, and to accentuate the beautiful. Art (or illustration) creates a personal view and energy. I don’t want to copy, I want to gather the information I’m getting and—to some degree—comment.


Let’s talk fragrance: What is your very first or most favorite scent memory?

Być Może by Kolastyna… dear gosh, never again! (But it was the only perfume within my Polish reach at the time.) If I think about it more figuratively I would also say the scent of paper, books, and the smell of black ink.


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Picture 35072

Passport to Scent

July 16th, 2014

Travel is an extra-sensory experience—the sights, the sounds, the scents. In Paris, perhaps it’s the freshly cut grass of the Tuileries or just-baked baguette. In Italy, maybe it’s the memory of the Mediterranean’s salty air or a fig tree that’s just come into bloom. A trip to India may call to mind nothing but cardamom and fresh mint.
But how does one capture those scent memories? A camera simply can’t bring the fragrance of an English rose to life.
Oliver Creed, sixth-generation master perfumer, has harnessed the power to do so—to take a snapshot of scents from his favorite destinations around the globe and bring them to you in The Acqua Originale Collection.
Utilizing Creed’s signature infusion technique—a 4,000-year old process that captures the highest concentration of natural essential oils to ensure the integrity of every ingredient—each of the five fragrances is a rush of site-specific notes from far-flung destinations. Plus, each scent is housed in a stately bottle that evokes the outstretched wings of a bird, a symbol of discovery.
Like a living fragrance journal of Master Perfumer Olivier Creed’s countless journeys, The Acqua Originale Collection has a scent destination to suit your wanderlust.
So tell us: where do you wish to go today?

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